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H & H FarmWe sell eggs and heritage pork from pasture raised hens and hogs. We will have some vegetables in July. 

Mica Hill FarmThe chickens at Mica Hill Farm are enjoying the cooler weather. These ladies enjoy fresh grass each day. The coops are moved each day to allow them new grass and new bugs. Eggs are gathered each day from our roll out nest to keep them clean and safe.I will begin turning on lights at dusk and off at 9PM so they have the correct amount of daylight each day. They require approximately 12 hours of daylight per day. The farm is not organic, but there are no chemicals used on the farm and the feed is all natural.

Sapphire FarmsSapphire Farms is a disabled veteran owned farm. When putting your life on the line for 20 years, does bring stress, then trying to find your life afterwards leads to maximum stress- farming was the answer for one veteran. Michael served 20 years in the United States Navy. Michael also has a bachelor’s degree and he is an Eagle Scout. Now Michael, his wife Heather, and their two young children (Zoie and Tristan) work their farm. Raising critically endangered animals; Dutch Belted Cattle, Shire Horses, Red Wattle swine, and chickens. Focusing on endangered livestock instead of everything life throws at you decreases the stress for our family. Living simply off the land sustainable, raising healthy livestock, caring for the earth is a tough life but rewarding. We offer tours of the farm, fund raisers for the farm, and hold farm events for training. Everyone is always welcome. All profits are returned to improving the farm. Some of the classes we offer are process meat birds, baking wood-stove bread and learn how to milk your family cow along with choosing the right cow. See where your meat comes from, your eggs, milk and vegetables. No factory food here; chemical free~ No GMO’s, healthy food they way it should be, naturally.

We raise Dutch Belted cattle for several reasons. First, there are less than 1000 registered in the world; yes, you read correctly the world. Second, they produce high fat milk. Excellent quality for raw milk, butter and yogurt. Our cows are grass-fed and they produce very nicely off grass only. They also birth easily and reproduce well into their teens unlike most cattle. The meat is outstanding; customers who try our lean meat find it more tender than most other beef out there. We personally believe the high fat content of the milk makes the difference in the meat. The babies receive 9 full months of momma's milk; slowly growing the animal makes a huge difference in the finished product. As most farmers turn their beef around as quickly as possible for faster income, we focus on the quality of life and health of the animal for a natural finish time frame. Hanging our meat longer makes a big difference in tenderness too.
For pork production we raise Red Wattle swine. First, we love bacon. We couldn’t fine nitrate free bacon- why it wasn’t offered before was puzzling. Second, we also wanted to pick a bred that was easy to raise that would be docile and on the endangered list. They provide us with 7 to 14 babies at each birth. We breed only twice a year. We feel this is better for the mothers; giving them the appropriate time to wean off their babies naturally before moving on to the next litter. We use registered non-related stock for breeding. Our pigs enjoy several large mud holes (they make themselves), pasture and woodland.
Our meat birds and egg layers enjoy free-range pasture area. We have an assortment of birds. Some lay colored eggs- blues, greens, pink, while others lay white and brown. We offer slow growing meat birds as well as the faster variety. We personally love the slower grown meat birds. The meat is darker naturally. The faster type is a great bird providing a small but meaty bird. Our egg layers and meat birds’ free range with the safety of our Anatolian shepherd livestock dogs. They help keep predators away.
We also offer fresh heirloom fruits and vegetables when in season. Non-GMO’s, non-hybrid, no herbicides or pesticides. Watermelons, tomatoes, cucumbers, and sprouts are just a few things we grow.
Should you like to take a tour of our farm and meet your farmer, please contact us at www.sapphirefarmsva.com , sapphirefarmsva@gmail.com or call/text (434) 770-7945